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  Terms & Conditions  

1. The intending allotee (s) is to apply for the allotment for dwelling units in his/her knowledge & subject to all laws, byelaws, notifications and rules applicable to this area.


2. The intending allotee (s) is to fully satisfy himself /herself about the rights & interest of the company in the said land and the project and its limitation and obligations in respect of the same. 


3. The intending allotee (s) is to fully verify and satisfy himself /herself about the genuineness of the title deed of the said land over which the welling unit will be built. And there will not be any objections or investigation by the intending allotees in this respect in future.


4.(a) The builder will construct the dwelling units in accordance with the approved plan of B.D.A as well as the specifications of construction given in the brochure.  


(b) However the company shall have the right to effect suitable and necessary alteration in the building plan if necessary, and if there is any increase/ decrease in the areas, the revised price will be applicable at the original rate which the dwelling unit was booked. If for any reason the company is not in a position to allot the unit applied for, the company shall be responsible only to/ for any alternative property or to refund the amount deposited with simple interest of 6% P.A within a period of 90 days from the date of receipt of the application from. The area shown the brochure is the proposed supper built-up area.


(c) The builder is in absolute discretion and may make such charges/ variations as may be required  by the authorities  concerned  or otherwise deemed  necessary or  advisable by the builder itself  but  without  substantially  altering the dimensions  of the said unit  to be built for the allotee.


5. All expenses regarding the execution of sale deed of the land as well as the super structure on it, if any shall also be borne by the intending allotee(s).

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