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“HEERA VENTURES” is a novel concept in the field of real estate promotion. The group separated by Arya Construction (P) Limited brings together highly experienced team of Architects, Construction Specialists, Engineers and Financial Consultants with an exclusive aim to address to the demands of real estate developments in ‘fast growing smaller towns’ of our State.

  To say the list Burla, as of date is experiencing the maximum growth in so many sectors as ‘education’ , ‘industry’, ‘health care’, ‘sports and games’, etc. HIRAKUD DAM VIMSAR, VSSUT, SAMBALPUR UNIV., MCL Head Qtr, and now IIM. These naturally culminate in requirement of accommodation (both residential and commercial) to cater to the needs of the growing settlers of the locality.
The organization intends to cater to the needs of the clientele in a ‘tailor-made-best’ format. Out of three such projects under various stages of negotiations and approval process (namely at Angul, Daman Jodi, Koraput). The statutory approval was obtained for Burla. Hence we intened to speed up the process of construction in a time bound manner.
The project will be way beyond the expectation of  prospective clientele, with state of the art amenities, technically perfect construction and extremely transparent transaction guaranteed.
What better could you ask for….!
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